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3 In 1 Foldable Chopping Board
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  • 3 In 1 Foldable Chopping Board
  • 3 In 1 Foldable Chopping Board
  • 3 In 1 Foldable Chopping Board

3 In 1 Foldable Chopping Board

100 % Brand new imported products. Color will we sent as per stock availability. Multipurpose basket and chopping board. It is used to hold fruits and foods. Material plastic chopping board multipurpose basket and chopping board.
Open the board by right hand corner which is specifically designed for easy opening. For big quantity of food is recommended to use the large folded white board which opens to a big surface, for smaller quantity is recommended to use the smaller board mats which is able to use when its clipped on big board to be sure and prevent slipping, and when finishing dicing you can separate it and toss it into the pot, container etc. also able to slice and dice when board is separated so you and your family can use all 3 boards at one time. when finished serving just fold and close big board by grasping the 2 sides with a little force till it clicks together, it could be a little difficult to get it, but won't take long, a beautiful combination of 3 perfect sized cutting boards.
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