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Stylish Bottle Shape Umbrella
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  • Stylish Bottle Shape Umbrella
  • Stylish Bottle Shape Umbrella
  • Stylish Bottle Shape Umbrella

Stylish Bottle Shape Umbrella

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- This unique designed case hides an umbrella inside Just pull out the handle . Easy folding, waterproof and UV protection. - It is not only a pretty bottle but a pretty umbrella when you open the top of the bottle and pull it out. You can keep the wet umbrella inside the bottle. This is absolutely a nice choice to present it as a interesting gift . - Ultimate design for the ultimate convenient living . - Put the wet umbrella in the case, then you can freely put it into your handbag and backpack after using Latest Design Umbrella Limited Stock on Discount Rate. - Fold-able Umbrella in Self and in a Bottle Easy to Use | Has a Strap for Covering Handling issues.

Description : 1. A Bottle Umbrella with features of a transformer, this 30 cm Umbrella bottle in a wine shape designed bottle can transform to 110 cm wide & 60cm Height which can cover up an adult perfectly. 2. Stainless Steel Rod, Heavy Duty Plastic Hand Grip & Quality Polyester Fabric is used which makes this umbrella Durable & Just above perfectly designed for you. 3. Let the Breeze flow, let the sunshine & the Rain pour, you still be in a safe shelter. (Powered by 'Not Available') 4. Type : Bottle Umbrella ,Outer Shell : Bottle (Made with High Grade Plastic) ,Fold : Three (3) ,Quality : Grade 'A'
Package Includes
1 x Bottle Shape Umbrella
Weight (in grams)
L x B x H (in cms)
Plastic Stainless steel

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