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Standard Semi-Rigid PE-047SR Coax Cable 50 (Ohm) Impedance

  1. CW-PE-047SR part number from Connectwide is a CW-PE-047SR coax cable that is Semi-Rigid. 
  2. Connectwide CW-PE-047SR Semi-Rigid coax cable is 50 Ohm and has a PTFE dielectric.
  3. Our CW-PE-047SR coax is constructed with a N/A jacket made of N/A.
  4. CW-PE-047SR coax has a shield count of 1, a RF shielding of N/A dB and the maximum frequency for this Connectwide cable is 40 GHz. 
  5. CW-PE-047SR coax cable has an attenuation at 1 GHz of 40 dB.
  6. Connectwide CW-PE-047SR coax cables are part of over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components. 
  7. CW-PE-047SR cables and our other RF parts are available for same day shipping worldwide.
  8. Custom RF cable assemblies using CW-PE-047SR or or other coax can be built and shipped same day as well.

Coaxial cables are used in high frequency transmission, especially for transmitters and receivers, computers, radio and TV transmissions where no flame propagation under behaviour in fire is permitted. The varied mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of Coaxial cables mean that they can be used up into the GHz levels, as per cable type.

PE cables are available in a wide range of sizes . The PE cable numbers are as follows: CW-PE-020SR, CW-PE-034SR, CW-PE-047SR, CW-PE-047SR-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-1/2FAC, CW-PE-1/2SFHC, CW-PE-1/4SFHC, CW-PE-118SR, CW-PE-B150, CW-PE-B159-BK, CW-PE-B159-BL, CW-PE-B159-GR, CW-PE-B159-RD, CW-PE-B159-WH, CW-PE-B159-YW, CW-PE-B305, CW-PE-B400, CW-PE-C100-LSZH, CW-PE-C195, CW-PE-C200, CW-PE-C240, CW-PE-C300, CW-PE-C400, CW-PE-C500, CW-PE-C600, PECX001, PECX002, PECX003, PECX004, PECX005, PECX006, PECX007, PECX008, CW-PE-P047, CW-PE-P086, CW-PE-P086HF, CW-PE-P141, CW-PE-P141HF, CW-PE-P142LL, CW-PE-P160LL, CW-PE-P195, CW-PE-P300LL, CW-PE-S330, CW-PE-SR047AL, CW-PE-SR047AL-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR047FL, CW-PE-SR401AL-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR401FL, CW-PE-SR402-75, CW-PE-SR402-75-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR402AL, CW-PE-SR402AL-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR402FL, CW-PE-SR402FLJ, CW-PE-SR402TN, CW-PE-SR402TN-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR405AL, CW-PE-SR405AL-STRAIGHT, CW-PE-SR405FL, CW-PE-SR405FLJ, CW-PE-SR405TN, CW-PE-SR405TN-STRAIGHT.

Product Feature:

Feature Name

Design Standard
Generic Name CW-PE-047SR
Flex Type Semi-Rigid
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Dielectric Type PTFE
Velocity of Propagation (%) N/A
Jacket Diameter (Inch) N/A
Jacket Material N/A
No. of Shields 1
Attenuation at 1 GHz (dB) 40/td>
Power, Max at 1 Ghz.(Watts) 32/td>
Passive Intermodulation (dBc) N/A
RF Shielding (dB) N/A
Frequency, Max (GHz) 40
Max Operating Temperature (Deg C) 100
Center Conductor Type Solid
Inner Conductor, Number of Strands 1
Minimum Bend Radius, One Time (Inch) N/A
Minimum Bend Radius, Repeated (Inch) 0.05
Coax Type Coax

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